Tips To Fight Against Pests During Hurricane Season

The hurricane season starts from the month of November and lasts till April. Hurricanes cause a lot of destructive damage to the people and city. It is essential to upgrade the home protective measures of Pest Extermination and prevent the damage caused by the storm. There are numerous natural disaster preventive measures that include hurricane shutters, roof braces, water barriers, and installing impact-resistant doors. These would help you to protect and overcome the damage caused by the frequent storms.

The adverse effects of hurricanes are not only seen on the people from stocking up on their food supplies, moving to different places. But also the animals including the household pests are the most affected ones. These pests are in search of a safe place to seek shelter from the rising water and strong winds.


Household items like Carpets, Upholstery and building materials are damaged by the flood water and it is difficult to dry them. Most of the pests are attracted to moisture and debris that are perfect for their breeding ground.  The Rodents and Insects can find their way inside the house causing structural damages to the house like holes, gaps, and roof damage that is quite simple for them. Many areas are affected during the hurricane season and can increase Pest Infestation. This also increases the spread of harmful diseases caused due to exposure to harmful pests and rodents.

Below are some useful tips and various ways you can protect your house or premises against pests at every stage of a hurricane.

  • Get Rid Of The Food Waste

The main cause of pest breeding is detained and spoiled food. Flies often breed in rotting food which usually welcomes many diseases. Seal the food waste in a sealed plastic bag and ensure that the bags are picked by sanitation workers from time to time. This spoiled food would never clutter and the bad weather can never invite flies into your houses. This way saves from getting frequent Pest Control Services

  • Inspect Your House Before Hurricane Season. 

Check your house from inside and out if there is any structural issue that can become worsened by the upcoming storm. Cracks must be healed using silicone-based caulks and water leakages should be fixed. The houses should be sloped to let the water flow away. Remove the garbage away from the houses to prevent the breeding of pests.

  • Check Water Damages

Water leakages and damages can cause the rotting of woods which usually attracts termites which creates trouble. Termite is an insect that survives on dead and decaying material and can’t be controlled so easily without having Professional Termite Control Services. It can cause considerable damage to the house. Adding more to it, excessive moisture around your house can attract insects like ants to find shelter. So, make sure small issues are checked and fixed before a hurricane strikes your area.

  • Do Not Let Water Stagnant

Keep checking the drains and gutters near your house, so that water does not hold in one place for a longer period. This can attract more mosquitoes and flies that can bring several diseases to your house. Do not forget to check the water containers or garbage cans, the rainwater might fill in these. Even shallow water can attract pests and you have to spend more money hiring Pest Control Claremont.

  • Prevent Entry Of Pests After Hurricane 

Several pests such as fireflies, ant colonies, snakes, insects can float in the flood water and find their new homeland. If these pests are found in the floodwater, a bit of knowledgeable advice does not enter the water or try to kill them with pesticides because this can contaminate the hurricane water more. After-effects of the storm like fallen trees, debris piles, displaced shrubs can be more harmful as these items near the house can give access to pests in the interior of the building. So the debris should be removed a minimum of 25 feet away from the house to prevent the entering of the pest. These pests can enter throughout pipes, cracks, vents. Make sure every known entry should be fixed.

Though it is crucial to prepare your home for the inevitable storm, heavy rain, and fierce winds. It is also essential to consider the Pest Control Services and follow the best prevention methods to protect your home from mosquitoes, flies, and termites. These are the common pests that you might encounter during and after the Hurricane season.

Simple and helpful tips that should be followed after a hurricane.

  • Using EPA registered pest repellent from time to time.
  • Wear personal protective equipment like gloves, Long boots, etc whenever possible to deal with pests.
  • Ensure the gutters are free-flowing.
  • Discard saturated carpets.
  • Post flooding Professional Pest Exterminators should be contacted after a hurricane. 
  • Avoid eating unpacked food, exposed to flooded fruits and vegetables.